Introducing Offbeat Races: Endurance Competition Beyond the Ordinary

Hi! My name is Erin and I launched Off Beat Races to devise competitive, unique, and fun races beyond the ordinary. My journey with Off Beat Races is one that I hope inspires you to get outside and hopefully join us for a race or two!

Running my way through Kailua-Kona during the 2023 Ironman World Championship
On the bike leg of my first full-distance Ironman in Juneau, Alaska
Finally arriving at Glacier National Park on my bikepacking tour of the Rockies

After college I found a lot of joy in running and cycling, and eventually ventured into the world of triathlon. Training became my source of community, purpose and a sense of accomplishment that I wasn’t getting from my professional life. I completed marathons and open-water swims, mountain biked the Rocky Mountains and, ultimately, completed three Ironman triathlons including World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

But, like many people, work-life balance became a struggle as I pursued these audacious goals, and my career in finance began to demand more of my time that I wanted to spend out on the trails. My search for professional success was taking me further and further from the things that brought me joy. So, I took a leap and decided to start a company that introduced more people to the joys of trail running and mountain biking, of triathlons and gravel riding.

As I embark on this adventure, my mission rings true: to create unique events that inspire a love of outdoor competition for all. Whether it’s your first-ever race or you want to add to your training routine with a challenging off-road course, I trust you’ll find Off Beat Races a welcoming community where athletes of all levels find purpose. I hope to see you out on the trails!

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